About us

Our concept
A-HYTTEN is situated in Northern Germany and has been manufacturing equipment for outdoor pig farming since 1992. Our huts are specifically designed for the continental climate. The differences in the average summer and winter temperatures are far greater on the continent than in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom there are only a few days of frost and a temperature of 25 °C is already considered to be hot.

Traditionally, the British huts were made out of metal. A-HYTTEN, however, has always been using wood as building material, especially for farrowing huts. All our huts have an insulation layer and unlike metal, wood provides additional insulation. The plywood huts are glued together and waterproof. Hence, there is no build up of condensation water inside.
Nowadays wooden huts are more widely used than metal huts, even in the UK.
Since the beginning we were convinced that the A-frame - thus our name A-HYTTEN (A-HUTS) - is the best shape for farrowing huts. Even though ten years ago it was not customary to build huts in that shape it has caught on and today the A-frame is the standard shape.
A-HYTTEN offers all the equipment as well as more than 20 different types of huts. This makes us one of the market leaders for outdoor pig farming in Europe. We sell our products to farms in 12 European countries and sales have been rising steadily, hence our prices remain very competitive.

One stop shop
We have been manufacturing equipment since 1992 and have relationships with some of our suppliers for more than ten 10 years. Therefore, we can offer you almost anything that is needed to set up an outdoor pig farming unit - from an insulator to a feed-dispenser, earmarks just as well as a hydraulic trailer, nose rings and all necessary fencing. And of course, huts that stood the test of time for the past 10 years.
We are happy to arrange an apprenticeship for you, whether in Germany, England, Denmark or Sweden.
On our website you will find a list of our products with further information. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.