Hydraulic trailer Feed dispenser Straw shredder

There are a number of vehicles that can make day-to-day work on larger farms easier. Some of the vehicles are specifically designed for outdoor pig farming. The three following vehicles have stood the test of time and are widely used in outdoor farming.

Hydraulic trailer

The hydraulic trailer is indispensable when it comes to moving the herd and animal transports. We offer a trailer that can be lowered to the ground in the front and in the rear. This makes it easy for the animals to get onto and off the trailer. It is available in different lengths from 4m - 7m, with doors on the left or/and on the right, a hurdle inside, a single or split door at the rear and if required a tarpaulin for the top.

Feed dispenser

The feed dispenser is a great help especially in the dry sow areas. The feed dispenser will not only put the fodder in one place but spread it across the field as much as possible. This is to the advantage of sows that rank below. A special appliance will meter the exact amount of fodder, according to an automatic input, and will spread it up to 50m across the field. In addition to the model shown, we can offer this feed dispenser with a 3-point-suspension or with two catapults. It is designed for 1.5 to 4 tons pellets.

Straw shredder

Farms with a large number of huts need a considerable amount of straw. A straw shredder will make it easier to strew the huts. We can offer you a number of different models.