Water supply

Outdoor pig farmers use troughs, wallow troughs and polyethylene pipes with fittings. A lot of farms will use one water trough for 2 farrowing paddocks by placing it halfway under the separating fence. The image on the left shows a wallow trough on the right hand side and a very strong trough (weight 50kg) that is made out of recycled material and used for water and fodder alike. The wallow trough is 2.50m long, the standard trough is 1.85m long and the plastic trough is 1.20m long.

The importance of wallow troughs is often underestimated. Provided water does not to seep away, a natural wallow puddle is by far the least expensive option and is very healthy for the animals. However, this is not always possible and our galvanized wallow troughs provide a good alternative. It is suggested to have a wallow trough at least in the dry sow areas and as you can see from the image on the left, spaces in the trough are very popular.

Fencing material