In addition to the previously described equipment for outdoor farming we can supply earmarks, nose rings and also a ad-lib feeder, which is used for nursing sows. The feeder has a lid that protects the fodder from rain and birds. The sows learn quickly how to open the lid. The amount of fodder it can hold is for 5-6 sows.

The standard model together with the 1m large galvanized base holds about 200kg of pellets. The slightly larger model with two lids can be used for two paddocks.

Farrowing huts are the most important hut in outdoor pig farming and the image on the left shows another accessory for them - poly curtain strips that can be supplied in 0.20m, 0.30m or 0,40m width.

Fenders are used to make sure that piglets stay close to the hut during the first 8-10 days. The sow can easily pas these fender to get food and water. The fender shown measures 0.85m x 0.75m. It is much smaller than the traditional British model and weighs half as much. Hence, it can be moved much easier. Some outdoor farmers use only one fender for two huts.
This farrowing hut comes with hooks instead of eyelids which makes it easier to move it.

In the early days of outdoor farming pig-rails were widely used and there are still some farmers who use them today. In addition to the pig-rail, one often finds a wooden board below the window that would be used by the piglets as a protective nest. Farmers and experts have different opinions to whether pig-rails are of an advantage or not. Some of our customers reach a number as high as 24-25 piglets per sow per year without using pig-rails. Others believe that pig-rails are an important accessory.

This shows that even though outdoor farming has been practiced for more then ten years, opinions and experiences differ and there is still a lot to find out about this very interesting type of farming. Everyone can create their own "farming system". Talking to other farmers and experts or visiting and working on other farms as well as through own experiences will help finding a way that works best for you and your animals.

Outdoor farm examples